BlueDane Invisible Fence Network Cloaking

Invisible Fence Network Cloaking makes connected 'things' invisible and protects against network-based attacks. Deploying in mere minutes, it is the comprehensive solution that effectively reduces cyber risks, and makes securing your corporate network less complex.

Invisible Fence Network Cloaking solutions extend to cloud, virtual and physical environments. Secure every endpoint in your network, from local data center to global infrastructure. Provide secure global connectivity and mobility for your entire workforce, wherever they are and for whatever they need to securely access.

Some examples of how customers leverage our solution:
-Secure access for remote worker environments
-Secure sensitive data and intellectual property
-Secure 3rd party information exchange and transfer
-Secure OT/Manufacturing environments

Before Deploying BlueDane Invisible Fence

Visible and Unsecured
Complex security policies
Lack of secure access and mobility across networks
'Manage' lateral threats
Rip-and-replace and forklift upgrades

After Deploying BlueDane Invisible Fence

Invisibility at scale
Dramatically simplified policy management
Zero-trust authenticated access across all networks
Eliminate lateral movement
Augment existing infrastructure

Establish truly secure access and segment ALL the elements that matter.

Segmentation, secure connectivity, and a direct route to any device or system.

Invisible Fence Network Cloaking Gateways are typically deployed in front of devices or hosts that cannot protect themselves. Examples include legacy systems and machines or when customers are unable to install software-based edge services.

Invisible Fence Networking Cloaking agents are software applications installed on Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices that provide managed devices with a trusted and verifiable identity. This ability opens up a broad array of end-user secure access, networking, mobility, and segmentation use cases. Trust-based client segmentation, granular access control, encryption everywhere and auditing is now possible in both static and dynamic IP environments.

Invisible Fence Network Cloaking Servers support Windows Server and Linux and behave much like Invisible Fence Agents. They make your servers invisible, so only authenticated and authorized endpoints can see and communicate with them. Invisibility, Software-Defined Perimeter (segmentation), and encryption are driven down to the server level, effectively enforcing a single perimeter. Simplified and consistent global IP mobility and migration become a reality for servers running Invisible Fence Server.

Connect any 'thing' anywhere.

Route based on Identity, across all networks.

Invisible Fence Network Cloaking Relay is the only routing technology that doesn't rely on Layer 3 rules, network addresses, or traditional routing protocols to securely connect and route privately-addressed systems across networks. It routes encrypted BlueDane Edge Service connections across all networks and transport options, without modifying the underlying network. Secure end-to-end connectivity is now simple, whether you have a Layer 2, Layer 3, or bridged L2/L3 network using Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, MPLS, or Radio. Invisible Fence Relay relies on verifiable cryptographic identities to determine if a WAN connection is allowed and forwards only authenticated and encrypted traffic to authorized endpoints. It reduces network complexity by eliminating connection barriers like NAT, different addressing realms, IP conflicts and complex firewall rules.

Set and Manage Policy

Manage policy for all enforcement points.

Invisible Fence Networking Cloaking Policy Manager (PM) manages policy for all distributed BlueDane Edge Services, delivering effortless control of the network. Using PM, you define the overlay network segments and systems that protected machines are allowed to access, as well as how they connect on the LAN, WAN and public Internet. Policy creation and management is simple and requires no advanced training.

“Hardware is easy to protect:  lock it in a room, chain it to a desk or buy a spare.  Information poses more of a problem. It can exist in more than one place; be transported halfway across the planet in seconds; and be stolen without your knowledge."

-Bruce Schneier, Fellow, New America Foundations Open Technology Institute

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