BlueDane Aware

Easily capture entry or compliance screen data, and gain instant awareness to manage risk.

BlueDane Aware offers a streamlined screening solution; contactless screening coupled with a cloud-based management and awareness platform, Aware is designed to address current and future health, compliance, and related screening requirements.

Aware provides the ability to easily capture screening responses, structure data, monitor results, receive alerts in seconds, and minimize the risk of liability.

With BlueDane Aware, screening question profiles are made available to employees, vendors, and visitors via contactless QR code, and cataloged via compliant unique identifiers. No paper. No forms.

Screened Reception

Risk and outcome alerts are pushed to identified administrators within seconds to enable quick and appropriate action.

Gather and maintain screening and compliance metrics from across your enterprise with BlueDane Aware.

Contactless Self Service

Allow employees to enter premises using a secure QR code based screening system that is entirely contactless. Employees only touch their own phones, not tablets.

Centralized Reporting

Get an enterprise-wide view of all facility entry data. Generate real-time or historical reports for any location to demonstrate tracking and compliance.

β€œTo competently perform rectifying security service, two critical incident response elements are necessary: information and organization.”
-Robert E. Davis

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