Keep your Employees SAFE. Keep your Network SECURE.

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Proactive Protection


Get work-from-home employees and other third parties set-up, secure, and ready to go in minutes on laptop, tablet, and mobile.


Instantly configure end-to-end connections from employee devices to specific network resources. Revoke or change access rules with a keystroke.


No jumble of routing rules, VLANs, firewall policies and ACLs, your IT team can instantly provision specific endpoint-to-resource paths.


With Invisible Fence you can expect to pay about the same (or even less) than the current cost of VPN.

Keep your worker working.

Covid-19 has disrupted businesses across the world and forced many organizations to unexpectedly shift most employees to a work-from-home model. As a result, IT departments are under pressure to balance work-from-home requirements and network security. BlueDane’s Invisible Fence allows rapid deployment of remote access for employees, simplifies ongoing management, and vastly improves security posture. It uses a different kind of security protocol that can make business data traffic “disappear” from standard internet protocol and the public internet.