About BlueDane

We are a pack of analytics and security professionals who combined forces to create a considered approach to balance operationalized cybersecurity with reduced alert and analyst fatigue.
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the right tools

Our managed suite of action-based security integrity solutions provides your business with an intuitive solution set to address, attack and resolve threats.

the right people

BlueDane is lead by professionals with over 85 years (595 dog years) of combined cybersecurity training and experience. We will run your issues to ground.

the right time

BlueDane's platform of combined security solutions buys your internal staff and technical resources the most precious return on investment. TIME.  Invest in your team today.

Always by (and on) your side

Cyber threats are real and so is staff fatigue. With over 10,000 cyber attacks reported every month, your security is constantly being tested. BlueDane guards you against these evolving and dangerous attacks from perimeter to asset management and remediation.

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We're in the dog house

BlueDane's founders are cybersecurity experts and also Great Dane owners and enthusiasts. When they're not protecting your business, BlueDane advocates for Great Dane causes and some worthy human charities. When it came to starting this company - who's mission is to be big, protective and secure, well..the name was clear.


Great Danes are amazing companions. Not only are they lovable and protective giants, they are also a loyal breed that attaches and adapts easily to families.

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Want to help danes in a BIG way? Here's how!

Human Charities

We like people, too. Here are some causes we think are amazing!



Release the Hounds

Cybersecurity intelligence is only as good as the action it takes. It is time for you to take action.