About BlueDane

We are a group of analytics and security professionals who combined forces to give key organizational stakeholders, executives and board members real-time risk mitigation and reporting visibility into their third-party ecosystem.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” -Stephane Nappo, 2018 Global CISO Of The Year

Managing Degrees of Risk

Technology carries inherent risk, and human users can never be completely “secured.” Organizational leaders must dispel the notion that risk can be entirely eliminated. Risk can be mitigated by intelligently apportioning proven security defenses.
Recognizing inevitable degrees of risk instead of levels of security enables a more holistic approach to security planning. Most cyberattacks target the weakest links in a network. Hardening security in those areas forces cybercriminals to move on to easier targets. With this in mind, using your limited security budget to upgrade “good enough” firewalls makes no sense if your weakest links are IoT devices and inadequate remote worker security.

An Elegant and Affordable Solution to Manage the Risk of Third-Party Systems Access

Nine of ten surveyed board members believe regulators should hold companies responsible for cyber breaches when “reasonable care” has not been taken to secure customer data, according to the survey by NYSE Governance Services and Veracode.

Third-party devices and users are weak links because they exist at the edge of the network, making them among the most difficult and expensive attack vectors to track. BlueDane is uniquely focused on the identification and resolution of third-party cyber risks, with a solution set that brings best-in-class security to your vulnerable network edge at an affordable cost.
We provide key organizational stakeholders, including executives, board members, and underwriters with real-time visibility into their entire third-party ecosystem, all from one central dashboard. Our best in class managed solution is purpose-built to identify internal as well as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th party threats, take action to correct them, “cloak” key critical data and servers from unauthorized views, and report ongoing status at-a-glance and security scoring through push reports and the BlueDane SecureScore customer portal.

What BlueDane Does

Protect your company and your board. We enable you to rapidly deploy remote access for employees, third-party vendors, and service providers while simplifying ongoing management of remote connections and strengthening your security posture.

Continuously Scans in Real Time for Vulnerabilities Along the Attack Surface

Identifies, Resolves, and Reports Any Threats, Risks and Vulnerabilities

Secures High Value Data & Communications via Micro-segmentation Network Cloaking

The Team

Patrick Keeble

Patrick has been a cofounder and senior executive at six companies prior to BlueDane. He has executive leadership experience building teams and companies in technology, marketing and telecommunications spaces.

Patrick is a proud 7th generation Nashvillian and lives in Nashville, TN.

George Acker

George has been a cofounder or held significant leadership positions in 6 startup or early growth phase companies in the technology sector.

George lives near Wilmington, NC.

Kevin McCauley

Kevin has held high level technical and engineering leadership positions at several Fortune 500 companies.

Kevin lives in Louisville, KY.

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