Keeping an eye on your business
takes training, discipline and commitment...

BlueDane is a curated, managed cyber security awareness and solutions platform that identifies, reports and takes action against  threats and vulnerabilities.

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Big threats need Big solutions.

Understanding the technical and tactical needs of your business is what makes BlueDane so fierce.
why bluedane

We believe effective security is active security. Rest and reallocate your internal resources and leave complex security issues to the Big Dogs.

we love to help

Our curated solution suite is proactive. From monitoring to ongoing reporting, our intuitive BlueDane dashboard will run threats to the ground.

loyal. protective. secure.

BlueDane's pack of analytics and security professionals have a solutions approach to cybersecurity. Our experience is always by your side.

Trust is hard to come by.
Trust goes both ways. At BlueDane we take that literally by providing proven cyber intelligence through both services and end devices.

Release the Hounds

Cybersecurity intelligence is only as good as the action it takes. See the scale and level of protection we provide.
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